RiDE is the 2,000-person capacity music venue in the heart of The Midway brought to you by the people behind Public Works. Opening Summer 2015.

  • 2,000 person general admission capacity with 13,000 square foot dance floor.

  • Second room with a capacity of 500 for performance or lounge space.

  • Intelligent lighting & projection by Felix Lighting.

  • Full service bar with permitted outdoor patio.

  • Complete green room facilities including showers.

  • Direct to stage loading access.

  • Stage: 38’ wide x 24’ deep x 4’ high (depth thrust available as needed).

  • Located one block from the Third Street MUNI rail. Easy highway access with abundant


  • Surrounding cul-de-sac streets available for large multi-stage events. 

Ride features a next generation Funktion-1 VERO concert system configured to accommodate both live and DJ performances. Eight VERO V221s will drive the low end with a total power handling in excess of 32,000 Watts. The sub frequencies are further amplified by large low frequency horns to extend the V221 response to the sub 25Hz range without equalization or additional power input. The full range speakers, the EVO7e, are the installation version of the VERO touring system that is the culmination of 45 years of development by Funktion-1. The EVO7e achieves a precise coverage pattern and extremely high output levels from a small number of cabinets. This sound system is already becoming an industry standard for fidelity and output. 

The Midway Creative Complex is uniquely equipped to present artists working across multiple mediums including contemporary arts, technology and the culinary arts. In addition to Ride’s two performance spaces the complex includes:

  • ENVELOP: a 3D immersive music venue (28.4 ambisonic system) with interactive lights and video. Artists can compose music to envelop the audience, creating a heightened sonic


  • Nine subsidized artist studios, a teaching studio and ‘The Midway’ gallery space.

  • An Industrial demonstration kitchen with stadium seating and separate preparation facilities.