Our Night Fishing series is a performative dinner experience produced by resident-artist Isis Hockenos with the support of the Midway Gallery and the Midway Culinary. These surreal dining events are inspired by her upbringing in West Marin and her background in the food industry. Night Fishing is presented seasonally—four times a year—with an ever-changing menu and theme. No two NightFishing events are the same.

Isis' work contains many references to her experience in food production, particularly through a feminist lens, and to her upbringing in West Marin. The Midway Culinary team at Madame Zola's will execute a menu carefully curated by Isis, reflective of her upbringing in West Marin using locally sourced food from her community of oyster farmers, cheesemakers, and ranchers. Revel in being a character in an Isis Hockenos painting, titillate your taste buds and expect a healthy dash of surrealist delight.

You can check for upcoming productions on our Events page, here.