The Midway is proud to present their 2nd annual apprentice gallery show curated by Jennifer Perry, Rachel Brooks Richardson, & Beatrice Beugelmans

Wallpaper is a group show featuring artists:
Amy Wise | Bronwyn Dexter | Uma Rani Iyli | Katie Chin | Megan Reed | Marina Berlin | 

Wallpaper showcases six female artists who defy constructs via the mediums and materials they employ or the messages they convey about self and identity within our modern society. We aim to showcase female artists who we feel contribute to the collective power of women in the art world as well as celebrate female creativity reclaimed within the domestic sphere. Wallpaper celebrates female artists today using their talents not only outside the private realm, but as a means of livelihood. 

Marina Berlin: Marina Berlin is a sculptor who works in industrial wire mesh. Focusing on form, Marina's sculptures are enigmatic yet familiar, utilitarian yet emotional. Her expressive pieces have a lightness about them and the transparent nature of wire sculpture allows for shadow play that acts almost as a secondary work. She recently showed her large scale sculptures at the Art and Virtual Reality Show at Upload Collective, where they were mounted from the ceiling to represent the "freedom and out of body experiences that VR can bring us into."

Bronwyn Dexter: Bronwyn Dexter is a visual and musical artist based in the Bay Area. Dexter's art is highly personal and her concepts emerge from introspection as she surveys the world around her. Themes in her work vary from reflections on her relationship with femininity, to the ecological impact of humans, to the isolating effects of guilt and shame, and so on. Ultimately, Dexter hopes her art and music will have a positive impact on the world.

Uma Rani Iyli: Uma Rani Iyli is a Area artist working in mixed media installations, sculpture, painting, and photography. Time-based meditative processes such as repetitive patterning and marking, weaving and stitching inform her art. Inspired by process, she uses various tools sourced from everyday life to create her paintings, installations, and photographs. Bright and vibrant colors from her East Indian roots and examination of ancient cultures with a focus on traditional notions of women’s work influence her practice.

Amy Wise: Amy Wise is a painter from Los Angeles, currently living and working in San Francisco. She received her BFA at the San Francisco Art Institute and has exhibited her work in group shows in Los Angeles, San Francisco and Orange County. She works in both watercolor and oil on paper, focusing primarily on the human portrait. Her watercolor portraits illustrate the psychological energies of love, loss and anxiety, while her most recent oil paintings emphasize the internet selfie and the experiences of looking at social media.

Katie Chin: Katie Chin is a multi-media artist based in the Bay Area. Her work explores the nature of social species in a world connected, however indirectly, through technology, biology and culture. She works in wax, melted optical fibers, beeswax, and acrylic paint. Through her broad range of materials as well as her imagery and abstraction, Chin aims to identify and explore the biological attraction to communication technology, which presents to humanity, a newfound sense of community and connection. Each piece in her recent series contains layers of subtle organic complexity and anthropological ideas which ultimately raise questions about where and why divides between individuals exist.

Megan Reed: Megan Reed is an artist in Oakland, California. She recently graduated with an MFA from California College of the Arts in San Francisco, CA, where she was the recipient of the Graduate Painting Teaching Fellowship and the Rex Ray Material Support Award. She also holds an MA from Southern Illinois University and a BFA from New York University. Her work has appeared twice in New American Paintings, in the San Francisco Chronicle, in solo shows in London, UK, Berkeley, CA and in numerous group shows nationally. She recently had a solo show/mixed media performance at Land and Sea in Oakland, CA. She is a founding member of the all female CTRL+SHFT Collective in West Oakland.