The MidwAY

Located in San Francisco's Dogpatch neighborhood, The Midway Creative Complex is a dynamic and interactive 40,000 square foot urban canvas of innovation, where everyone is invited to explore, create, feel and be inspired. Our vibrant performances, workshops, and exhibitions celebrate an immersive and provocative intersection of music, art, emerging technology, and the culinary world.

illum: to set alight

The Midway is proud to present our signature event - IllUM, a one night festival of immersive music, art, emerging technologies, and food. Presented as the spiritual successor to our Luminary events, IllUM invites attendees to embark on an unforgettable and interactive journey through visual, audio, and tactile art. IllUM will challenge perceptions, stimulate emotions, and celebrate the sense of discovery and possibility that occurs when the creative arts collide.


More than a concert

Our mission at The Midway is to provide a place for artists of all disciplines to expand their process, cross disciplines and reach a diverse audience.

IllUM provides a platform for visual, performance, musical and culinary artists to collaboration and create immersive experiences for their guests.

Hear what some of our artists have to say…



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