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Halation Gallery Dinner & Closing Reception

We believe that breaking bread with strangers brings you closer. Our culinary x art program aims to create space for more meaningful connection between guests and the creatives behind our exhibitions.

Join us for Halation Gallery Dinner with artists Christopher Schardt, Marpi & Eccoscreen. Break bread with the creatives behind our exhibition. Hear artists, musicians, and chefs speak about their trade. Talk and eat with your hands, converse with strangers and friends. This series is meant to give guests and creatives alike a more intimate setting to celebrate art, creating space more meaningful connection.

This is a free form dinner party! $5 to enter goes to the DJ. Order your dinner at the cafe & take a seat with an artist of your choosing. Dining tables will be set up in each artists' installation with the artist at the head. Share a meal with the artist, soak up these immersive light installations while filling your belly, or wander the exhibit with a drink in hand. Its a choose your own adventure kind of night.



Small Bites

Greek Salad ‘Carpaccio' $13

Tostadas w/ Calarmi Ceviche $12

Grilled Corn w/ Crema + Espelete  $11

Medium Bites

Grilled Tri-Tip w/ Chimi-churri $16

Chili Relleno w/ Fresh Salsa Casera $14

Chargrilled Wild Salmon w/ Wakame $17

Large Bites

Pizza w/ Grilled Nightshades $16

Stone Fruit Stuffed Pork Loin w/ Pickled Vegetables $20

Summer Squash Fettuccine ai Limone (w/ anchovies) $18