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Uprise West: Paintings by Dan Covert Gallery Reception

The Midway Gallery & Uprise Art presents
Uprise West: Paintings by Dan Covert
A Song About Life, Death, Love, Hate, Wealth, Poverty

Gallery Opening August 17 from 7-10PM. Food, drinks & music in traditional Midway fashion! 

Dan Covert will transform The Midway Gallery using his graphic language of organic and decisive forms, methodically applied directly to gallery walls. Dan's painting practice is a paradoxical exercise of using analog means to pursue a perfection that, in reality, can only be obtained with digital or mechanical processes. Thereโ€™s a beauty in the fact that no matter how hard he tries to hide his hand and its gestures, it will always be visible to the naked eye. 

Join us on Friday, August 17 to snack, drink, and dance within Dan Covert's site-specific mural. Browse his smaller works available for purchase, and chat with art lovers, foodies, and revelers alike.


About Dan Covert
Dan Covert is an artist and award-winning director who lives in Brooklyn, NY. He grew up in Ohio and narrowly avoided an alternate existence at West Point by studying graphic design at CCA in San Francisco before co-founding Dress Code, a production company, in 2007 with Andre Andreev. As he transitioned from working as a graphic designer to directing commercials, Dan began to experiment with painting and woodworking as a way to reconnect with making. Since then Dan has developed a reputation as a painter and exhibited worldwide. He enjoys the balance and contrast that comes from directing large crews on set, then coming back to his studio to create in the more solitary environment. Dan uses his work as an outlet for OCD tendencies, that in any other context might not be as tolerable. 

About Uprise West
In this series of bi-coastal collaborations, Uprise Art and The Midway Gallery come together to create a platform for artists to cross disciplines, expand their processes, and create large-scale installations that reach a diverse audience. Uprise Art is an online gallery for the next generation of art collectors that makes it easy to collect original artwork by contemporary artists. The Midway Gallery is a large Creative Complex in the Dogpatch of San Francisco, a destination for art, culinary & music experiences.