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Opening Reception: Rock of Ages

Exhibition Opening & Official Opening Party for the Bay Area Tattoo Convention: Thursday, May 16th, 8-11pm | Free with RSVP

In collaboration with the Bay Area Tattoo Convention, Analog Tattoo and some of the Bay’s most iconic tattoo shops. This exhibition focuses on seven major icons in American Traditional Tattooing, their origin stories, early forms and evolution in contemporary tattooing.

Through historical research, archival works, and both artwork and photographs from contemporary tattoo artists, we’ll explore the Rock of Ages, Panther, Rose of No Man's Land, Wolf Poison, Sacred Heart, Diving Swallows, and Dragon icons.

Our opening reception will also function as the official opening party for the Bay Area Tattoo Convention and incorporate live tattooing and live models alongside all the artwork and a musical headliner.

Banner Artwork by Paul Dobleman