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A farewell to this epic exhibition featuring 32 woman neon benders from around the world!

Come enjoy the last hurrah with neon inspired cocktails & food, along with local bands. Multidisciplinary artist, Katie Chin, will also be present in the gallery performing her piece, Gender Bending.

About Katie Chin: Katie Chin's works and actions invite viewers to consider and question the intersections of gender and power in contemporary culture. More specifically, she is concerned with challenging narrow definitions of gender and uncovering hidden influence transferred through mediums of exchange like stimergy and money. Chin has exhibited and performed throughout the San Francisco Bay Area including SPACE 151, The Midway Gallery, American Steel Gallery, Pro Arts, stARTup Art Fair, and ATAK Gallery. She was recently awarded the Exhibitions and Communications Fellowship at Aggregate Space Gallery.

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About SHE BENDS: Women in Neon 

Each artist works intimately with neon, either bending the tubes herself, or by designing, installing and assembling the material with her own hands. Some of these women have their own neon shops or work in a shop; some share their knowledge through teaching the craft.

“The material of neon itself is heavy with historical overtones, the act of women repurposing this trade to convey messages about the female experience is in and of itself an act of rebellion—not to mention these women are wildly talented and their neon works are an absolute pleasure for the eyes.”--Kelsey Issel, Arts Director at The Midway Gallery

Since the early 20th Century, neon bending has traditionally been a male dominated field. Originally known for its commercial applications, the process has been nearly replaced with the advent of LED lighting and new media forms of advertising. In recent years neon’s revival has been spearheaded primarily by women artists and craftswomen—allowing for more impactful and layered messages to emanate from the glowing bars. The material has also propelled new investigations in sculptural and light practices. Neon is now highly recognized for its conceptual content, potent in its potential to create statement, intervention, landscape and spectacle. Women’s influence on the medium has proven to further its role as an artistic medium—thus prolonging its survival as a material and trade.

She Bends spotlights women working in neon while also underscoring the hand-made aspect of the practice.The exhibition title itself relays an action—that of bending. What starts as an act of skill progresses into a devoted lifestyle for the artists in this show and for all neon benders across the world. Among the 32 artists are several pioneers of both the trade and visual arts forefront including Lisa Schulte, Meryl Pataky, Olivia Steele and Shawna Peterson.



Sarah Blood |@sarah_blood |

Linda Bracey |@godsownjunkyard |

Dana Caputo |@danacaputo|

Anika Chasuk |@town.neon |

Robin Clason |@floralislands |

Eve DeHaan |@halfaroastchicken |

Linda Diec |@rindarindarinda |

Lily Erb | @lilywelderb |

Teresa Escobar |@terebomba|

Emma-Kate Hart |@neon.hart |

Michie Hongo |@michiehongo |

Eve Hoyt |@eveningneon|

Kate Hush |@katehush|

Danielle James |@d_j_neon|

Tory DiPietro |@torydipietro|

Ali Feeney |@ali_feeney|

Amy Palms

Koko Jamison |@studioglow|

Kacie Lees |@kacielees|

Stephanie Lifshutz |@stephanie_sara_lif|

Leticia Maldonado |@leticiamaria|

Lily Montgomery |@lilyreeves |

Meryl Pataky |@merylpataky|

Shawna Peterson |@petersonneon|

Linda Sue Price |@lindasueprice|

Roxy Rose |@neogirlneon|

Lisa Schulte |@theneonqueen|

Valerie Shusterov |@_foreverneon_

Olivia Steele |@steeleism|

Megan Stelljes |@meganstelljes|

Mary Voytek |@msvoytek|

Romily Alice Walden |@romilyalice|

Sydni Gause |@sydni_gause|