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ILLUM: art+tech+music w/ Max Cooper & Recondite

ILLUM is The Midway's festival where music, art, emerging technologies, & food collide. Immersive installations envelop you while interactive works draw you out of your shell. Enjoy headliners Max Cooper & Recondite on the main stage or lose yourself in Marpi's surround "Aquarium" projection room. Want to slow down and let your taste buds dance for a while? Dip into our culinary & beverage experience rooms on your way to discovering Christopher Schardt's LED light environments. Rest your dance weary feet in his "Constellation" lounge or move with his "Mesmer" sculpture.

ILLUM is the kick off the Halation gallery exhibit which will run for 2 months and featuring additional programming such as an opening reception, gallery hours (which turn into happy hours on Fridays), panel discussions, and a closing reception.

Features visual & performing artists:

Marpi: Marpi is a Polish born San Francisco based Digital Artist. His artworks are interactive, scalable, and multiplatform, giving anyone ability to shape them, and create their own. By building windows into the same universe Marpi provides an empty canvas where the art does not exist until people create it. 

Marpi’s creative work revolves around building 3D worlds, creating immersive AR, Virtual Reality experiences, Interactive Art events, and storytelling in style and difference. Currently he is working with Obscura as Director of Web and Experiential Design, previously working on projects for clients including Disney, Google, Magic Leap, and Adobe. 

His artwork has exhibited internationally including ArtFutura Roma, Contemporary Istanbul, Burning Man and Oregon Eclipse,has been publicly and professionally recognized, receiving nominations and winning several awards including Golden Lions, SXSW Interactive and .NET Magazine site of the year.

Christopher Schardt:  Christopher Schardt has been creating large-scale sculpture since 2000, focusing on LEDs since 2013. He works in aluminum, stainless steel, glass, plastics, electronics, and software.

Brought to us by the Building 180 family, Schardt’s pieces are of various sizes and configurations, from 2,000 to 22,000 individually controllable LEDs. The animated imagery displayed depends on the installation. Sometimes a slow, organic pattern is appropriate, sometimes something more photorealistic, at other times psychedelic. Whenver possible, music is incorporated into each piece, dramatically enhancing its impact. This is incorporated whenever possible. Mr. Schardt seeks to create sights and sounds that delight and surprise, while staying in concert with the surrounding environment.

Eccoscreen: ecco screen creates interactive installations, audiovisual performances, and immersive experiences, exploring introversion, social anxiety, and the internal dialog of the mind. The result is a marriage between light and sound, but also a deep connection with the human psyche. Horizon is a new Light Art installation created by ecco screen specifically for the March 18 Luminary exhibition. Since starting ecco screen in late 2015, ecco screen's work has been featured by The Creators Project, Prosthetic Knowledge, Codame Art+Tech Festival, Gray Area Foundation, Stanford University, and others. Additionally, he has collaborated on a variety of projects with Acura, Google, A-Trak, Brodinski, Ryan Hemsworth, and others.

Lauren Bedal & Travis Bennett: This duo will be performing a interactive dance performance call DUALITY on the main stage. DUALITY is built with OpenPerform.

OpenPerform is an open source platform for generating real-time, virtual dance performance with motion capture technology as well as other motion capture VR films. She believes her multi-disciplinary background gives her a unique understanding of story, experience, and people.

Lauren Bedal is a designer, dancer, and filmmaker based in San Francisco, California. Lauren currently works at Matter, a design and innovation firm focused on the intersection of industrial, digital, and service design. Outside of Matter, Lauren is currently working on OpenPerform.

Travis Bennett is an interactive technology artist who’s work explores the complex nature of society’s relationship with emerging technologies such as AI, VR, Computer Vision, Real-Time Motion Capture, Brain Computer Interfaces, and 3d Imaging.

Travis Bennett - Director
Lauren Bedal - Choreography, Dance & Sound Design
Fabien Lemaitre - Design and Development
Raymond Larrett - Graphics & Video

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