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Binary Artist Salon 02 feat. Osman Koc, Jeffrey Yip + Swan

Together with interactive artist Marpi, The Midway gallery started a series that we call our Binary Salons. These artist salons are a place where artists who are working at the intersection of art + technology can come together to share ideas and practices. These free & open to the public gatherings feature local and international artists who are pushing the boundaries of their process. These Binary Salons are for artists and by artists.

Come enjoy drinks, conversation & collaboration.

On April 12 @ 6pm we will feature a new set of artists who focus on technologies that foster collaboration in art.

Osman Koç is a creative technologist / artist, who uses technology as a medium for expression. Directed by his curiosities, Koç’s works touch many different fields such as cybernetics, artificial intelligence, biosensors, kinetic sculptures, reactive lighting, audiovisual performances and games with alternative physical controllers.

Jeffrey Yip is a New Media Artist interested in combining the physical and digital realms.he creates environments, often utilizing digital media to enhance the overall experience by integrating visualizations in unison with sound.

Swan is a VR artist, storyteller and a viral Beat Saber girl

Our first Salon featured artists: Inigo Quilez (IQ),  Can Buyukberber,  Chelley Sherman & Eccoscreen

Check it out here