She Bends: Women in Neon opens at The Midway April 7th, 2018, 8pm - 12am


She Bends is the largest most inclusive all women exhibit ever put together, featuring 32 woman benders from around the globe. 

Making a splash at The Museum of Neon in LA earlier this year, She Bends, hailed as “revolutionary” by Juxtapoz, will be hitting the Bay Area this Spring.

Produced by The Midway Gallery - an exhibition space uniquely positioned within a larger creative complex - She Bends SF will feature program enhancements such as a big opening night soiree, workshops, demos, panel discussions and salon dinners.

Curated by Bay Area bender and favorite, Meryl Pataky, She Bends is the largest, most inclusive all-female neon exhibition ever put together.

“Pataky is very knowledgeable and deep into the badass, dangerously spontaneous art form of neon bending and is the perfect curator to seek out and celebrate like-minded artists”



“Neon has traditionally been a men’s field, yet today we see a growing number of women picking up the torch and bending glass for themselves to create artwork as well as signs. Originally known for its commercial applications - including seedy depictions of the female figure - neon in now appreciated for its conceptual content. Women’s influence on the medium has proven to further neon’s role as an art form and thus prolonged its survival as a trade”

-Kim Kogan, The Museum of Neon on the social importance of She Bends


“The material of neon itself is heavy with historical overtones, the act of women repurposing this trade to convey messages about the female experience is in and of itself an act of rebellion - not to mention these women are wildly talented and their neon works are an absolute pleasure for the eyes.”

-Kelsey Issel, Arts Director at The Midway Creative Complex on why she was compelled to bring the show to SF


Opening Night: April 7th, 2018, 8pm - 12am

Awake all your senses and immerse yourself in creativity. A night of art, music & culinary experiences & performances. Tickets and musical acts to be announced.

Salon Dinner: April 5th 6pm-9pm

Break bread with the creatives behind She Bends. Hear artists, musicians, and chefs speak about their trade. Talk and eat with your hands, converse with strangers and friends. Bask in the neon light while satiating your belly and your mind. Head chef & tickets to be announced.


The exhibition will run for 2 months. Additional programming throughout the exhibition will be announced soon along with regular gallery hours. Stay tuned!


Featured artists:

Sarah Blood |@sarah_blood |

Linda Bracey |@godsownjunkyard |

Dana Caputo |@danacaputo|

Anika Chasuk |@town.neon |

Robin Clason |@floralislands |

Eve DeHaan |@halfaroastchicken |

Linda Diec |@rindarindarinda |

Lily Erb | @lilywelderb |

Teresa Escobar |@terebomba|

Emma-Kate Hart |@neon.hart |

Michie Hongo |@michiehongo |

Eve Hoyt |@eveningneon|

Kate Hush |@katehush|

Danielle James |@d_j_neon|

Koko Jamison |@studioglow|



Stephanie Lifshutz |@stephanie_sara_lif|

Leticia Maldonado |@leticiamaria|

Lily Montgomery |@lilyreeves |

Meryl Pataky |@merylpataky|

Shawna Peterson |@petersonneon|

Linda Sue Price |@lindasueprice|

Roxy Rose |@neogirlneon|

Lisa Schulte |@theneonqueen|

Valerie Shusterov |@_foreverneon_

Olivia Steele |@steeleism|

Megan Stelljes |@meganstelljes|

Mary Voytek |@msvoytek|

Romily Alice Walden |@romilyalice|

Kacie Lees |@kacielees|