Exhibition Dates: Sept 01 -30, 2015
Opening Reception: Friday Sept 11, 2015 from  6-10pm

SAN FRANCISCO — August 10, 2015 — The Midway is pleased to present Curious Constructions, featuring the multi-media artists Mike Shine, Clint Imboden and Eric Staller. Equal parts fabricators and creators, these artists strive to build their own unique forms to engage the public. With new, found and manipulated objects, these artists do not confine themselves to standard 2D gallery work. Though each offers his own distinct focus on purpose and material, the artists come together to engage viewers with the juxtaposition of intimately detailed work combined with large scale constructions. The exhibition is on view Sept 01 - 30, 2015 with an opening reception on Friday, Sept 11 from 6-10pm.

The Midway opened its doors for the first time on May 29, 2015 to 2.5K guests for their group exhibition Oddities, a show inspired by and in celebration of the strange. Oddities exhibited artists from New York, Philadelphia, Montreal, Los Angeles and San Francisco. Curious Constructions, the gallery’s second show, further explores the theme to focuses locally on the curious worlds of California-based artists Mike Shine, Clint Imboden and Eric Staller. The works are strategies of odds and ends that allure viewers into fantastical and intricately constructed worlds.  

Mike Shine is the resident barker and design aid of The Midway, who will create a permanent installation and custom design elements within the venue’s main event space.  Shine is a self-taught artist living and working in Bolinas, California. The artist created the noted Art Shack in Bolinas, a live art installation and environment that mirrors his lifestyle and full immersion in surf and skate culture. In addition to Art Shack, he has created numerous pieces that evoke a contemporary California style of Americana imagery. For the past four years, he has headed the popular Dr. Flotsam stage and performance piece at San Francisco's Outside Lands music festival. His pieces have been exhibited in San Francisco, LA, Laguna Beach, Copenhagen, and Montreal, and have been featured in Juxtapoz Magazine, Hi-Fructose Magazine, SF Chronicle, Readymade, ArtLtd., and Spread Art/Culture Magazine.  

Clint Imboden is a mental health professional and artist based out of Oakland, California. Imboden specializes in the transformation of found objects - usually from local flea markets - into highly detailed assemblage sculptures. Combined with new materials such as resin, wood, and metal, the artist's pieces explore the relationships between the past and present. These relationships, combined with his background in psychology largely guide his work, which aims to bridge a gap between various peoples and their minds via secondhand items. Among his works for Curious Constructions, Imboden will present Essence, a large-scale interactive sculpture made of 17 x 14 inch chest X-rays as well as his Cheese Box series, an assemblage of found objects within the confines of vintage wooden cheese boxes.  

Eric Staller is an internationally recognized multi-media artist currently based out of San Francisco. With a background largely in public art, Staller seeks to reach his audiences by creating humorous works that straddle the line between the everyday and the otherworldly. The nature of his experimental concepts call for the use of materials as varied as live goldfish, manipulated bicycles, and handmade robotics. He is the author of the book Out Of My Mind. His work can be seen across the United States, The Netherlands, and Japan. In Curious Constructions, Staller’s works will include his highly regarded 1985 Lightmobile, a Volkswagen Beetle covered in over 1600 computerized lights. On a serendipitous note, Eric Staller and The Midway’s Art Director, Kelsey Issel, grew up in the same house generations apart. Located in New York, the house was built by Staller’s father who incorporated artistic elements that informed the professional trajectory of both Staller and Issel, and gives a deeper connection to the theme of this show.